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PayForView.com Signs Deal With AirTime Interactive

Reno, NV-based PayForView.com Inc. signed an ad rep agreement with New York based AirTime Interactive, a boutique advertising firm with Internet experience.

PayForView.com is an entertainment company that plans to distribute movies, music, sports and live events over the Internet direct to viewers on a pay- for-view basis.

Advertisers on PayForView will be able to create a link in commercial spots that allows viewers to click directly into a Web site to find out more information on the product, or order the product directly. Infomercials also are planned; instead of phoning a toll-free number, viewers will be able to click on an icon and order the product directly.

"We are very excited about the advertising possibilities made available by PayForView's services," said AirTime President Jonathan C. Feller. "We anticipate that advertisers will pay a premium to be able to specifically target their audience and provide interactive advertising."

PayForView said it is currently negotiating with several multimedia companies to work with PayForView to produce interactive advertising that will be aired with PayForView's entertainment products. Video content will be streamed over cable modems or faster directly to the desktop, laptop or television, the company said.

"We recognize the need for specialized services to help design the new type of commercials we will be airing that allow direct marketing tie ins over the Internet," said Warren Wayne, vice president of licensing. "PayForView intends to work closely with advertisers in developing the type of commercials that will maximize the potential of streaming live action commercials over the Internet."

Meanwhile, the company confirmed that it will be proceeding with a 3 for 2 common stock split, effective at the close of business on April 9.