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24/7 Media Launches Turnkey Online Direct Marketing Service

New York City-based 24/7 Media Inc. launched 24/7 Promotions, a turnkey online direct marketing service "that generates qualified customer leads while leveraging multiple branding opportunities."

The ad network said 24/7 Promotions represents its initial foray into the promotion industry.

A service developed by 24/7 Media's Strategic Sales Group, 24/7 Promotions enables category-exclusive sponsors to promote their products and services to a pre-qualified audience. 24/7 Promotions aggregates registration information collected on The 24/7 Network from opt-in consumers. The 24/7 Promotions team optimizes consumer response by monitoring and adjusting a variety of online marketing tactics, such as targeting, content placement, and prize packages.

Similar to an online sweepstakes, 24/7 Promotions feature sponsor products and services that encourage consumers to opt-in via registration and then obtain more product or service information e-mailed directly to registered consumers.

As an example, a 24/7 promotion running in 24/7 Media's Travel channel may feature free first-class upgrades on a sponsoring airline and car upgrades from a sponsoring car rental company. 24/7 Media will provide sponsors with performance reports detailing each online marketing tactic employed in the promotions including sponsor impressions (banners, registration page, e-mail sponsorships), contest registrants and advertiser leads.

24/7 Media said it is working with its newly acquired subsidiary, Sift Inc., an e-mail-based direct marketing service provider, and The Interactive Promotions Group of Interactive Marketing Inc.

"We developed 24/7 Promotions in response to direct marketers' requests for turnkey solutions that generate qualified leads and produce a quantifiable return on investment," said Joe Apprendi, senior vice president for strategic sales at 24/7 Media.