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Ubarter.com Signs Ad Pact With Yahoo! and GoTo.com

Moving aggressively to promote its Web site, Ubarter.com's parent company, International Barter Corp. said it negotiated an ad agreement with Yahoo! and GoTo.com.

The agreement gives IBC the exclusive banner ad for the keyword "barter" in addition to strategically placed banner ads.

The company said it secured the same arrangement with all the top portals and search engine providers including Excite, Netscape Netcenter, Webcrawler, Lycos, Infoseek, Alta Vista, Look Smart and Northern Light. Spending was not disclosed.

The agreements ensure that each time an individual searches the Internet via one of the above engines or portals and enters the keyword barter, the banner ad and hyperlink for IBC's newly launched Web site, www.Ubarter.com will appear on the screen, the companies said.

Ubarter.com is promoting the concept of "barter" for the general Internet user and is a new venue in Internet commerce where users can barter products and services on the Web as opposed to using cash to conduct transactions.

IBC said it will begin its advertising with DoubleClick and Travelocity on Aug 15.