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Ad-backed 'Get Paid To Surf the Web' Service Launched

AllAdvantage.com launched a new ad-backed service that pays Internet users to be online in exchange for putting the AllAdvantage.com Viewbar at the bottom of their browser window when surfing.

Members earn money anytime they are online and display the Viewbar, which opens automatically whenever their browser is launched. The Viewbar sits at the bottom of the browser window and acts like a time clock, crediting members 50 cents for every hour they spend online (up to 40 hours or $20 per month).

The Viewbar displays AllAdvantage.com information along with sponsor and advertising messages. Members can turn the Viewbar off and on at will, choosing to "clock out" or "clock in" anytime they like.

"The great thing is that our members can use the Internet the same way they always have, but now they get paid for it," said Jim Jorgensen, AllAdvantage.com CEO. "Members do not need to change their browser, e-mail address or ISP, and they can minimize or close the Viewbar with one click at any time."

In addition to the rewards of their own online time, members earn money for each hour spent online by someone they have referred to AllAdvantage.com.

AllAdvantage.com was founded in February 1999 by four partners, including Jorgensen, a co-founder and former CEO of Discovery Zone. Initial advertisers were not disclosed.