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Adauction.com Signs Agreement With Netscape

Adauction.com said that it signed an agreement with Netscape Communications Corp. to offer ad inventory on its Netcenter portal site for the company's monthly auctions.

"We are constantly testing and evaluating new Web advertising programs," said Mark Evans, advertising sales manager, Web site business development at Netscape. "Adauction.com is one of the most innovative Internet ad sales channels that offers quality inventory and attracts the industry's top media buyers. They have created a dynamic marketplace that helps Web publishers augment their direct sales."

>From July 14-16, Adauction.com introduced CountDown, a "drop-price" auction format featuring premium ad inventory that fetched as high as $28 CPMs. The auction starts the second Tuesday of the month and runs through Thursday with ad inventory initially priced at 20 percent off rate card, then decreasing to 40 percent off and 60 percent off the last day. CountDown complements Adauction.com's ActiveBid, a real-time online auction where bidders compete on the third Thursday of each month.

Netscape said it plans to offer ad lots for both online auction formats. Adauction.com claims inventory from more than 70 Web publishers and engages 175 registered media buyers.