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Morningstar.Net Offers New Ad Options to Mutual Funds

Chicago-based Morningstar.Net said it has developed a new advertising alternative on its Quicktake Report pages.

Mutual fund companies can now purchase sponsorship links on each of their funds' Reports that connect directly to their Web sites. Morningstar said mutual-fund companies now can reach potential customers when their attention is most concentrated.

"It truly maximizes the point-of-purchase direct marketing concept," said Carolyn Messite, product manager of Morningstar.Net. "As consumers are involved in researching--and are thinking about investing in--a mutual fund, they can essentially reach through our Quicktakes to act on it."

The Quicktake Reports detail the risk and return profile, manager profile, performance, and market data on more than 450 closed-end and 8,000 open-end mutual funds, and 7,500 stocks. The cost for fund companies to acquire an editorial link to their Web sites is $100 per fund, per month. More than a dozen fund companies have already signed up for the service, including T. Rowe Price Associates, Strong Funds, Montgomery Funds, and Payden & Rygel Funds.