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International Brands Plans Campaign for New Internet Mall

San Diego-based International Brands Inc. is developing a campaign including heavy banner advertising to promote its soon to be launched virtual Internet Mall. Spending details were not disclosed.

Partnering with vendors and suppliers, International Brands said it will develop a broad-based campaign of incentives to generate more traffic and increase sales, including giveaways, contests, electronic coupons and discounts, and advertising in other media as well as the Internet.

International Brands plans to debut its Internet Mall with banner advertisements on sites such as: Yahoo!, Lycos, Excite, American Online, SportsLine USA, Broadcast.com, Microsoft, Netscape and iVillage.

As a part of its overall Internet promotional plan, International Brands has obtained alternative Web Site names, all of which are linked to the main site to enable more users to locate the site. The alternate sites are: www.usabestbuy.com, www.worldbestbuy.com and www.internetbestbuy.com.