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Yoyodyne Launches Clickthrough Plus

Yoyodyne, an interactive direct marketing media company, launched "Clickthrough Plus," a new enhanced value service of its long-running Get Rich Click program.

Clickthrough Plus not only delivers guaranteed quantities of unduplicated traffic directly to sponsors' sites, but also assists the advertiser in building their own opt-in list at the same time, at no additional cost, Yoyodyne said.

"Clickthrough Plus is a natural extension of our Permission Marketing philosophy," said Seth Godin, Yoyodyne's president and CEO. "We are helping put buyers and sellers together in the most cost-effective way possible and, as an added bonus, creating a much desired opt-in list which allows clients to open a dialogue with consumers. This initial step enables clients to talk with potential customers frequently, while courting them through the sales process."

With approximately 500,000 active participants and now in its third round, Get Rich Click can also deliver segmented demographics and psychographics to sponsors.

"The economics of guaranteed clickthrough are a no-brainer," said Jerry Shereshewsky, Yoyodyne senior vice president of marketing. "A banner ad at $20 CPM means that a site pays between $1 and $2 to get an anonymous individual to visit them with absolutely no residual benefit." Shereshewsky said

Clickthrough Plus delivers a unique, unduplicated individual for less than half that, and can convert a significant percentage of them to an opt-in list at no extra cost. Currently GRC has a 17 percent conversion rate for homepage visitor sign-up.

Yoyodyne has developed and implemented more than 150 promotions, including custom games and multi-sponsor sweepstakes, for a variety of clients such as KPMG, H&R Block, Reader's Digest, Modem Media, Prodigy, Sony Music Entertainment, Sprint, and ZDNet, among others. Additional Yoyodyne products include EZSpree, an online shopping promotion in cyberspace, EZWheels, an Internet promotion for automobile manufactures and, EZVenture, an online promotion for small and home office business owners.