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ZDNet to Personalize Ads Using Vignette Technology

Ziff-Davis Inc. announced that it teamed up with Vignette Corp. to launch a fully personalized version of ZDNet, including personalized ad targeting.

As a showcase implementation of StoryServer 4, Vignette's new Internet relationship management application system, ZDNet said it "will pave the way for the next generation of Web content delivery and user profiling." Financial terms of the arrangement with Vignette were not disclosed.

The new, personalized capabilities will enable ZDNet to offer highly targeted advertising opportunities, the company said.

ZDNet said it will roll-out its personalization capabilities in stages, beginning in the fourth quarter of this year. Initially, it will provide users with the ability to customize the ZDNet homepage. When the technology is fully deployed, it will enable ZDNet to act as the user's intuitive personal technology agent-consultant.

Vignette's StoryServer 4 technology is designed to empower Web providers with the ability to gather and analyze user profile data, enabling highly targeted marketing for advertisers. In turn, users will find that the ads that run on the ZDNet site are more in-sync with their personal interests.

"ZDNet has one of the most advanced, dynamic Web sites in the industry, and is an ideal place for us to showcase the full Internet relationship management capabilities of StoryServer 4," said Greg Peters, president and CEO of Vignette. "With StoryServer 4's lifecycle personalization features, ZDNet can drive online customer loyalty by consistently providing unique and relevant customer experiences."