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RelevantKnowledge Partners With Claritas

Atlanta-based Web data firm RelevantKnowledge Inc. said it is teaming with precision marketer Claritas in Arlington, VA to provide psychographic and behavioral information.

The Claritas data is in addition to the standard demographic reach and frequency information offered in the RelevantKnowledge Web Report. The new psychographic component debuts in the company's July '98 Web Report in the form of "LifeGraphics," which includes "Habits and Hobbies" and "Social Groups."

This combination of extensive lifestyle information and proven demographic data will enhance Web marketers' and advertisers' ability to target specific audiences, RelevantKnowledge said. Financial terms arrangements were not disclosed.

"Our new psychographic offering answers the needs of Web advertisers for a better, more accurate understanding of the purchase habits and offline activities of Web users," said Jeff Levy, CEO of RelevantKnowledge. "We remain committed to providing our customers with what they need. By marrying Claritas' unmatched insight into consumer behavior and our knowledge of who goes where on the Web, we are providing Web marketers with a clear, precise path to their targets."

Using Claritas' PRIZM system, RelevantKnowledge said it now offers even greater detail about Web users. With this new measurement tool, advertisers can identify with even greater efficiency which Web sites attract the greatest concentration of about 15 different social groups, >from "Elite Suburb" users, the nation's most affluent social group, to "Rustic Living," a cluster of small- town lower-middle income individuals, the company said.

"We have been watching the landscape for a breakthrough company that talks about the Internet medium in language that traditional marketers can use. Relevant Knowledge is such a company," said Nancy Deck, president of Claritas Inc. "The business world is so much larger and more fascinating because of electronic commerce, but most companies need to digest information coming back from this medium in a manner that works with their overall business plan. Relevant Knowledge is straight on the mark in making the bridge between business and the Internet as a medium."