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Free-PC Signs Initial Advertisers for First 10,000 Units

Pasadena, CA-based Free-PC Inc. said that initial advertisers will include Citibank, eBay, Amazon.com, New Line Cinema, ISN/FirstAuction, eToys, Cyberian Outpost, eNews, Beyond.com, PCFlowers and CarsDirect, among others.

The ad-backed company is giving away 10,000 personal computers with free Internet access and e-mail. Advertisers and marketing partners will reach Free-PC users through one or more desktop vehicles, including rotating, targeted banner advertising and fixed direct access buttons.

Free-PC consumers complete a detailed questionnaire that allows the company to target advertising to them. Ads are served from the hard drive of the computer, enabling rich media such as film clips, broadcast spots and other multimedia creative. Ads appear onscreen on a side and bottom bar, whether or not the user is online.

"With our online detailed demographic reporting of customer clickthroughs on ads and channel buttons, our marketing partners will be able to know which consumers are specifically attracted to their offers and services," said Steve Chadima, Free-PC's vice president of marketing. "All of this feedback is available in real time. . ."