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Ad Types Strut Their Stuff at Jupiter Confab

Half the benefit (or more) of attending an online ad conference these days is getting the chance to show your stuff to agencies and development firms hungry for talented new employees.

On the exhibition floor at the Jupiter Online Ad Conference in New York City last week, part of the buzz surrounded the sudden departure of Rich LeFurgy, senior vice president for advertising and IAB honcho, from Buena Vista Internet Group, according to the Silicon Alley Reporter. He is said to be leaving the company to pursue other interests, and a spokesperson for the Walt Disney Co. division confirmed the report.

LeFurgy may not be the only executive changing offices after the show, either.

"Beneath the smiles, handshaking, and bustle of the exhibit floor, there lies a quieter set of circumstances," said the Reporter. "Partnerships and co-branding efforts aside, recruiting and sales-force raiding have become a major part of the exchange, as small companies look to build their fledgling sales forces and higher level executives seek new allies."

"Sure we've got people going around recruiting," noted one executive in attendance. "As it stands, I've already gotten a few offers myself."

At a conference where some attendees spent more time walking the exhibition floor than sitting in on the various educational sessions, it was not hard to spot some of the more obvious staff-poaching efforts, the Reporter said. "There's a shortage of talent and experience in this industry," said one executive recruiter who had been handing out business cards at the show. "As a company, you want to bring the best people out there under your umbrella and for the most part, many of them are here under one roof today."