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NetJumper App Generates Ad Revenue for Software Developers

NetJumper Inc. is touting a new Internet advertising client SDK (software developers kit) that lets shareware developers generate ad revenue from every user who installs and uses their software.

Called iTimesSquare, the app "transforms shareware and freeware applications into powerful advertising clients," the company said. Using the SDK, shareware developers embed a full-featured advertising client into their new and existing applications. Ads are then displayed when the applications start.

"The current software business model is completely backwards. Developers assume that licensing fees are the only way to get revenue from software, and are not rewarded by 90 percent of the people who use their software (without registering)," said Gilbert Borman, founder and president of NetJumper Inc.

iTimesSquare also benefits advertisers, who now have a new, competitively-priced advertising medium, the company said adding that it has already received participation commitments from 30 developers.

The iTimesSquare billboards add less than 200 Kbytes to the software download. And to preventing ads from becoming stale, the ad client will refresh the ads during idle time when the user is connected to the Internet and the connection is not otherwise being used.

An additional software module included in iTimesSquare, NetJumper Interject, that can independently inject links into the bookmarks/favorites of user's browsers. In addition, Interject enables users to create a private portal in the user's browser, acting as a private channel between companies and their users, and providing one-click access to the developer's Web site.

Developers who join the iTimesSquare Network prior to June 30 will receive the iTimesSquare SDK free, the company said. The developer will receive a commission from all network ad revenue generated by the particular developer's application.