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SGI Steps into Web Services World

SGI, perhaps better known as Silicon Graphics Inc. , on Monday took steps in hopes to continue its evolution from being just a visual graphics workstation supplier to a major player in the enterprise solutions market.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company, which 30 years ago practically created the computer graphics industry, has partnered up with Waltham, Mass.-based IONA to incorporate IONA's Orbix E2A Web Services Integration Platform to SGI's array of advanced visualization and high-performance computing systems. Orbix E2A leverages Web services standards and service-oriented architectures to provide an open, low-cost integration solution.

The move comes after wave after wave of reinvention for SGI. In recent years, the hardware company adopted Linux-OS support and most recently has refocused its marketing efforts on military and defense spending, which rely on the company's high-end systems for missile and flight simulation. Defense spending now accounts for most of SGI's new revenue.

But SGI is also facing an ever-increasing amount of competition. And the encroachment is no longer coming from the usual suspects, IBM Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. . In fact, given the added processing power and graphical capabilities provided by companies like Nvidia and ATI Technologies, today's PC now has the abilities to reproduce the work of the SGI engineer's workstation of a few years ago.

That has left the company racing to concentrate on larger enterprise customers. And analysts agree the best way to help larger enterprise customers is to more tightly integrate their various proprietary systems and enable the data to interoperate between them.

Under terms of today's alliance, IONA is providing optimized integration between Orbix E2A and SGI systems. This integration will allow customers to more easily capture and utilize business logic and application components stored in disparate systems across their enterprise for use with SGI data management and visualization products, services and solutions.

"Many of our customer and partner engagements involve massive integration projects, where our hardware, software and multi-media systems must be incorporated into some of the world's largest and most complex IT enterprises," said Knut Korsell, vice president of industry marketing at SGI. "Orbix E2A can address any integration requirement."

In addition to optimized product integration, today's alliance provides for joint marketing and selling activities, and the sharing of technical and engineering resources to ensure seamless integration in customer engagements.