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Response Networks Helps xSPs Heads Off Trouble

Looking to help service providers recognize and respond to the early-warning signs of possible service-level problems, application infrastructure software vendor Response Networks Inc. today announced the release of Pulsar xSP 1.5.

Aimed at ASPs, MSPs and other providers, Pulsar xSP debuted last April (see Response Networks Debuts Pulsar xSP. The new version, according to North Andover, Mass.-based Response Networks, offers the capability to warn providers of impending service level agreement (SLAs) violations by interactively monitoring all SLAs by client and service policy and managing virtual private networks (VPN) and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications.

Pulsar xSP 1.5 is also, Response Networks reports, the only monitoring product to address Openwave's email application, which is offered by many service providers.

"Service level management isn't just about creating an SLA and hoping it sticks," said Phil Hollows, vice president of product marketing for Response Networks. "Rather, it is an overall approach to proactively monitoring and managing all of the SLAs in place, from the application layer in conjunction with network data and on-premise/remote agent capabilities. As more companies turn to the outsourcing model, they'll turn to service providers who can guarantee delivery."

Responses Networks describes Pulsar xSP 1.5 as a scalable, carrier-class application designed to handle a Tier 1 service provider's large customer base and enable service providers to build secure SLM portals for their clients.

Its management features are designed to allow providers to control their client-side obligations, but also manage and control their own outsourced services. The software's architecture is based on industry standards such as XML, HTTP and secure sockets layer (SSL), allowing service providers to perform multiple tests and deliver metrics for application performance and network quality agreements.

New features in Pulsar xSP 1.5 include the following:

  • SLA Early Warning Alerts. Providers can predict, based on historical analysis, precisely when they will violate individual SLA agreements. Pulsar xSP 1.5 will send automatic alerts to account and business managers when an SLA is at risk of being violated, so that the provider can take the necessary steps to mitigate that risk and eliminate the possibility of financial penalties.

  • SLA Report Card. Allows providers to obtain real-time snapshots and historical perspectives for all SLAs over various time periods (e.g., today, last 24 hours, last week, last quarter). Providers can drill down by contract and client into actual monitoring data.

  • More robust monitoring. Pulsar xSP includes more than 100 application, network and system probes, according to Response Networks. Its remote agent administration is designed to let service providers manage and monitor voice over Internet VoIP and VPN applications. It also includes unique proprietary data collection technologies exclusively built to collect data from Openwave email implementations.
Pulsar xSP 1.5's pricing begins at $40,000 for a server license and 20 software agents.
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