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Vignette Partners with 8 ASPs to Reach SME Market

Vignette Corp. today announced that the Vignette V/5 eBusiness Application Platform is now available through ASPs. This new distribution model offers small- to mid-size companies access to Vignette solutions, opening new markets for the company.

"What it provides for us is the opportunity for our customers to get their hands on a solution with a different kind of delivery model," John Vincze, VP partner channels, told ASP News. "We get to go down-market a little bit."

Vignette currently has agreements with eight ASPs, including Accumedia (Boulder, CO), Agiliti (Minneapolis, MN), Breakaway Solutions (New York, NY), Center 7 (Draper, UT), HomePage.com (Los Angeles, CA), Interpath Communications (Morrisville, NC), Mediablox (Mentor, OH) and Surebridge (Lexington, MA).

By partnering with ASPs, which use a hosting model to lease or sell software and applications to customers on a quarterly fee basis, Vignette makes its powerful eBusiness application platform available to small and mid-sized companies which who have traditionally been unable to take advantage of its eBusiness solutions. Because ASPs build, host and manage Vignette solutions, their customers can focus on core business strengths instead of spending scarce time and resources on application development and systems management.

"Our ASP strategy allows us to make the Vignette solution available to all companies that are serious about eBusiness, regardless of their size," said Mike Vollman, senior vice president of sales and services at Vignette.

Offering Vignette products through ASPs further extends the "Vignette Economy," a group of skilled partners specifically selected to support and grow with the Vignette customer community. ASPs offer quick access to Vignette solutions, as well as a long-term commitment to provide support, assuring clients of consistent, dedicated service.

"Our ASP business model is focused on our partners," Vincze said. "Each one of these guys is building a business around our technology."

Vignette's products enable businesses to create and extend relationships with prospects and customers and facilitate high-volume transaction exchanges with suppliers and partners. Vignette powers more than 1,000 leading e-businesses.

The key areas of the V/5 platform are content management, personalization, communications, relationship marketing, collaborative support and syndication. "Everything a company needs to build its business," according to Vincze. "The 'a' in ASP is 'application': not just a hosted solution."

The V/5 platform is built modularly, so that a customer can implement the main platform quickly and then turn on additional tools as needed. "We know a website is never done, so we make it possible to constantly implement new functions," Vincze said.

HomePage.com, a provider of personalized home page solutions for e-businesses, chose the V/5 platform as its first non-proprietary hosted service.

"We've had great success with our own applications, and we wanted to expand our value by offering an end-to-end solution," Tim Cahill, CEO of HomePage.com, told ASP News. "The decision to host Vignette's V/5 became the natural choice."

HomePage.com will host the entire V/5 eBusiness Application Platform, composed of applications that manage site content and build dynamic online relationships with consumers. Elements of the platform include content management, personalization, relationship market