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OpenService Updates Network Management Software

OpenService, a Westborough, Mass.-based network security management service provider, today announced what it describes as "a major upgrade" for NerveCenter, its correlation and root cause analysis software.

NerveCenter allows companies to correlate events in real-time from diverse network and security devices, UNIX and NT systems and applications. It then automatically pinpoints problem causes, eliminates false positives and escalates false negatives that otherwise require manual operator analysis.

The new NerveCenter 3.8 is designed to provide network managers and administrators with more sophisticated correlation and diagnostic capabilities as well as significant ease-of-use enhancements.

"With the major upgrade announced today, OpenService has made good on its commitment to extend and enhance the solution when we acquired it from Veritas last year," said Phil Hollows, vice president of product marketing for OpenService.

"By adding the ability to reach into enterprise databases from Oracle, Microsoft and the open source community, we have considerably extended the ability of users to build comprehensive event correlation and fault management applications. At the same time, our GUI and usability features in this release have made the product much simpler to manage," Hollows said.

The new features in NerveCenter 3.8 include the following:

  • Extensions to access enterprise databases, such as Oracle, MS-SQL, My-SQL and ODBC allows events stored in databases to be input into NerveCenter's correlation engine, deliver database-driven event enrichment, or archive polled data for later performance analysis and reporting.
  • Upgraded PERL 5.8 interpreter designed to enable users to augment event reception, collection, correlation and alerting with Perl subroutines that provide custom logic, network interactions and database interactivity.
  • A Correlation Expression Wizard to simplify the creation of state diagrams that dictate the flow and correlation of events. Designedt to allow both NerveCenter novices and experts to develop complex models in minutes.
  • Additional samples to demonstrate and document NerveCenter's power and flexibility, such as demonstrating how NerveCenter can be used to process syslog data and log file events.
  • New SNMP capabilities for complete SNMP v3 support and faster throughput.

NerveCenter 3.8 will be available by year's end, according to OpenService. Per server license fees range from $14,950 to manage 100 nodes to $59,950 for no per-server node limitation.

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