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Instantis Releases New Six Sigma Service

Instantis, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company that specializes in transforming business processes into Web applications and services, today announced the release of version 2.0 of its Six Sigma Project Lifecycle Management solution (SSPLM 2.0).

Instantis SSPLM 2.0 is designed to help enterprises control their Six Sigma efforts, replicate their successes throughout the organization and increase the savings of all projects.

Six-Sigma is a management strategy designed to yield dramatic results by redesigning and monitoring business activities to minimize waste and resources. A level of Six Sigma (roughly three defects per million) represents the highest quality — virtually all products and business processes are defect-free.

"The SSPLM 2.0 solution reflects all the benefits of a Six Sigma solution custom-tailored to fit the needs of companies that are serious about Six Sigma success. The solution has been honed to perfection with input from a wide variety of practitioners from the Six Sigma community. It has been built using Instantis' industry-standard Java-based technology that can be integrated with any enterprise architecture," Prasad Raje, CEO of Instantis, said.

Instantis reports that as Six Sigma becomes widespread within an organization and more projects are undertaken, SSPLM 2.0 is designed to reduce the administrative burden of tracking, managing and reporting the progress of these projects.

Instantis reports that SSPLM 2.0 includes the following features and functions:

  • An Idea Portal is designed to assist project selection by collecting ideas globally over the Web and make evaluation more efficient.
  • Projects with arbitrary Six Sigma roadmaps can be initiated and auto-populated with the appropriate set of tasks and deliverables to be assigned to the various team members, increasing accountability, as well as eliminating repetitive, manual activities.
  • Flexible reporting tailored to fit the needs of different audiences is designed to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Searchable knowledge and document repositories ensure that best practices can be shared throughout the organization and projects can easily be replicated.
  • Hard and soft dollar costs and savings may be tracked in detail for integrated financial reporting.
  • Centralized global team management, along with role and skill-based assignment to projects result in an increased number of successful projects.

Instantis reports that companies can choose to deploy Instantis SSPLM 2.0 either inside their enterprise or from Instantis data centers.

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