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Storability Snaps Up Key Storage Assets

Storability Software has purchased the assets of ProvisionSoft's resource management software application, continuing the consolidation trend in the industry while affirming the sector's interest in enterprise management software.

Storability, a provider of storage resource management software, bought the DynamicIT line of the former start-up for an undisclosed amount. The Southborough, Mass.-based outfit said the buy adds advanced workflow automation and provisioning technology to its flagship Global Storage Manager (GSM) enterprise storage resource management product.

Storage management and provisioning products have been all the rage of late. Veritas Software has been extremely busy on this front, switching gears to capture the server provisioning market in addition to its own broad storage management software assets.

Companies like Veritas and rival Computer Associates are using provisioning and management technologies to mold their utility or on-demand computing strategies. Products like Dynamic IT, which automates workflow, are highly desirable for businesses looking to compete in this frame.

Aligned with the common industry trend of utility computing, Storability said the acquisition of DynamicIT will grant its customers the ability to allocate storage and server resources in a data center to reduce the overall cost of ownership and to make sure resources are not over-provisioned.

Based on usage patterns, ProvisionSoft's workflow automation technology can ascertain when and where a resource is required and is able to allocate that resource automatically. The technology has a unique feature that provides differentiated levels of service to support various IT chores.

Customers will also be able to easily establish service level objectives, monitor service levels and protect them from violation.

Analysts spoke positively about the purchase.

"We loved the ProvisionSoft story, so we obviously feel positive about this acquisition", said Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Storage Group. "The combination certainly elevates Storability in the overall market. This was one piece they were lacking, and they just might have acquired best-in-class technology."

"ProvisionSoft's DynamicIT includes an application-centric policy engine that Storability Software will find very valuable," said John Webster, Senior Analyst and Founder of Data Mobility Group.

The buy is the latest in a string of storage software purchases, with EMC leading the way. EMC recently purchased BMC's storage software line and is in the midst of trying to consume Legato Systems for $1.3 billion.