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WebSideStory Expands Site Tracking Capabilities to Wireless Users and Sites

WebSideStory further developed HitBox, its ASP offering of Web audience analysis and Internet intelligence, to make it applicable to wireless users and wireless Internet sites.

WebSideStory launched HitBox just over three years ago to compete with log file software.

According to Geoff Johnston, vice president corporation communications, while there are similarities between HitBox and log file software, HitBox has additional features. "Both services offer page views, unique visitors per day and month stats, reload information and viewer demographics," he said. "But HitBox has a path tracking feature that shows the top paths taken within the site by users."

Additionally, WebSideStory gathers information pertaining to a visitor's system, their browser, their screen resolution and their screen color.

HitBox is offered in three models: Enterprise, Pro and a free version. According to Johnston, the free version is offered in exchange for an ad link on every page within the site that leads to HitBox.com. Enterprise is used by large companies such as Helwett-Packard. Its monthly cost is based on user traffic. Pro is well suited for a small business, offers fewer features than Enterprise and costs $20 a month.

According to Johnston, the business model originally was to sell the HitBox services. "The whole concept of the net revolved around being for free, so we restructured our business model to offer the services in exchange for advertising," he said. "Now we are back to the original model of a fee based service, but still offer our ad exchange program."

As a new feature to HitBox Enterprise, service subscribers can check their Web site traffic and analysis data through wireless devices. Also, the company announced its patent-pending service HitBox Wireless that monitors Web usage through a wireless-enabled device.