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ASP Consortium Announces "Best Practices' Awards

The ASP Industry Consortium yesterday announced it will launch an awards scheme that aims to define and recognize best practice among ASPs.

The ASP Industry Consortium plans to honor best practices in the ASP field through the first "ASPire Awards." Hoping to define guidelines and recognize industry members who promote excellence, the ASPire Awards are being developed by the ASP Industry Consortium's Best Practices Committee, head by Scott Penberthy.

Complete details of the awards program will be announced during the Consortium's Global Member Meeting on May 2 in London. This announcement comes just one month after the first-ever ASP awards were presented at a conference in London last month, including one nominated and presented by

The Consortium plans to use the ASPire Awards as a way to offer both members of the industry and users of the ASP computing model some case studies in excellence.

"Ultimately, this process will help to better define the industry while also giving end users a road map of what to look for from their ASPs," Penberthy said.

Lisa Angelastro of IntraLinks will be handling the marketing for the awards. Winners of the first ASPire Awards will be announced at a major ceremony later this year. She said awards will be handed out in four categories, each highlighting a particular ASP function.

A team of industry experts will anonymously judge each case study submitted for consideration. The ultimate winners will be chosen by an external audit team made up of individuals from outside the ASP Industry Consortium.