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Mail.com Acquires Web-based Collaboration Solution from IntraACTIVE

Outsourced messaging services provider Mail.com, Inc. Tuesday acquired a collaboration suite from IntraACTIVE, Inc.

Dubbed InTandem, the IntraActive integrated suite of collaborative applications include group scheduling, document sharing, project management, contact management and group discussion, all of which can be accessed through a Web-based interface.

By owning IntraACTIVE's InTandem flagship product, Mail.com (MAIL) is one of the first Internet messaging companies to offer a fully integrated suite of collaboration services.

Mail.com did not disclose the financial arrangements for securing InTandem, but the messaging firm announced it made a $14 million strategic investment in conjunction with the IntraACTIVE InTandem deal. IntraACTIVE intends to put the financial infusion to work expanding its thin-client applications.

Thomas Murawski, Mail.com chief executive officer of business messaging services said, the deals would enhance its hosted e-mail service offerings with including collaboration services, e-mail firewall solutions and Internet fax applications. "Our experience tells us that customers prefer the ease of use and simplified administration of a fully integrated solution," Murawski said. "The InTandem acquisition enables Mail.com to immediately fill this market need in a rapidly growing segment of the outsourced messaging market."

The InTandem collaboration service provides companies and their employees with an integrated suite of groupware solutions accessible anywhere, anytime. Using this suite of products, workgroups and project teams are empowered with the tools to schedule group meetings, share documents online, track progress of a project and conduct online discussions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, simply by using a Web browser.

Mail.com provides outsourced messaging solutions for more than 8,500 corporations worldwide. Its IP network infrastructure operates in 20 countries and currently serves more than 12 million e-mailboxes.

IntraACTIVE has been serving up Web-based collaboration tools since 1994. The company's Bantu Messenger product provides integrated instant messaging services for more than 75 million people. Clients include Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) , and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) MSN Messenger.