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ADP, DSL.net Couple Online, Broadband Services

Automatic Data Processing Inc. Friday announced the formation a marketing alliance with DSL.net Inc.

Audomatic Data Processing (AUD) is one of the first application service providers to put national Internet service provider, DSL.Net (DSLN) to work connecting its Emerging Business Services Division clients to high-speed Internet access.

The ASP-ISP deal enable ADP's small business customers to leverage the efficiencies of its flagship online payroll and tax services online, through DSL.Net broadband services.

DSL.net's multi-tiered broadband Internet service offerings will be bundled with ADP's e-business payroll service package, as well as other applications it provides to small businesses.

Brad Smith, ADP's emerging business services vice president and general manager, said the alliance is another example of its efforts to leverage the efficiencies of high-speed Internet access for its small business clients.

"With DSL.net's broadband solutions, small business customers can enjoy the advantages of high-speed connections to the Internet," Smith said. "From payroll to benefits administration, this alliance enables customers to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively."

Bob Berlin, DSL.net chief financial officer and vice president of strategic planning, said the combination of ADP's e-business solutions delivered in conjunction with DSL.net's broadband access would permit small businesses access to ease their operational burdens and increase productivity.

"Our alliance with ADP demonstrates our vision and belief that delivering cost-effective, business-class Internet solutions coupled with mission-critical applications allows our customers to focus on their core competencies and grow their business," Berlin said.

Both ADP and DSL.net will be providing customers with special offers to leverage the advantages of the complementary services. DSL.net customers will receive a special trial offer from ADP, while ADP customers will be invited to take part in a special DSL.net trial offer.

ADP services are offered through its propriety solution profiler application. Acting as the company's virtual consultant, the Web-based program for small businesses generates real-time, customizable price quotes and allows small business owners to purchase solutions online, over the phone or through a personal visit by one of ADP's 2,000 small business sales associates.