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Oracle Offers B2B Exchange Platform

Oracle Corp. Tuesday introduced its new business-to-business supply chain exchange service offering.

Dubbed Oracle Exchange, the service bundle is being offered as a complete set of applications in tandem with Oracle technology to allow companies to set up and brand their own supply exchanges.

As a result of its business-to-business exchange service debut, Oracle joins Corio Inc. in addressing historically offline companies newly found demand for streamlining their supply chain resources online.

Oracle's exchange technology could potentially reduce business costs for companies while it increases profitability by extending their market reach through customized supply chains set up in as little as 45 days.

Oracle is capable of building branded exchanges for large regional companies or global horizontal industries to add value to their existing customer bases while recruiting new customers though their online marketplaces. The exchanges could also take the form of a trading partner portals to the Internet for increased communication and collaborate.

Routine business activities of a branded exchange range from buying and selling through catalogs and auctions, to supply chain planning, collaborative product design and development.

Ray Lane, Oracle president and chief operating officer, said its business-to-business exchange offering differentiates itself from the pack as a single source for all of a company's e-business needs.

"Oracle is the only single-source strategic vendor that can offer the complete platform, applications, and services necessary to help companies and entire industries transform to e-business by connecting their supply chains via the Internet," Lane said.

"Other exchange solutions currently only offer small components of a full B2B strategy, such as web-based purchasing, while failing to provide the full benefits obtainable from moving all supply chain operations to the Internet," Lane added.

"The integration challenge faced by anyone trying to cobble together multiple point solutions from multiple vendors is daunting, and the costs and associated risks are immense," Lane said. "Oracle's fully integrated e-business offering eliminates the integration costs and risks of such piecemeal approaches."

By focusing on its core strengths in technology, applications and services, Oracle can provide companies with a complete, out-of-the-box solution that can be operational in a matter of weeks.

Oracle sells its exchange software to companies through a standard license and hosting fee business model.

Oracle B2B Exchange Platform and has been put to work at several regional and industry branded exchanges including Barclays B2B.com and the Dubai Port Authority Digital Marketplace.