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Enginenumber9.com Transforms Corporate Identity and Business Focus

Enginenumber9.com, Inc. Thursday announced it has changed company direction and re-dubbed its private label desktop application service PLATFORMIX, Inc.

Chairman and chief executive Philip Seifert christened its new corporate moniker, stating that the name change reflects a dynamic adjustment in the company's core business.

"PLATFORMIX, formerly enginenumber9.com, is offering any business or organization private label desktops that provide access to technical applications from anywhere in the world, anytime, regardless of the user's operating system," Seifert said.

Seifert declared that it would utilize the ASP business model to deliver its private label desktop services for general businesses and vertical markets.

"We are an ASP+," Seifert said. "Meaning we have a distinct, valuable edge."

"Companies will be able to access their data through applications they need and want over the Internet, whether they operate on Microsoft NT, Macintosh, Linux or any other operating system," Seifert added.

PLATFORMIX is capable of providing business customers with customized desktops with only two to three week's production time. Its integration skill set is an important benefit to companies doing business on the Net that demand speed to market services that the only an ASP business model can provide.

Seifert said that PLATFORMIX service portfolio can speed-up software upgrades over the Web regardless of a client's operating system and can save e-businesses a significant amount of time and money.

"PLATFORMIX signals the end to downloading or purchasing software upgrades and the end to concerns about operating systems, versions, technological obsolescence and unending change," Seifert said. "Our support teams will keep our customers up to date and even ahead in this fast-moving business world."

The company's evolution into the ASP business grew out of business development with its subsidiary tribeside.com.

National Internet service provider RMI.NET, Inc. took a near 20 percent stake in the subsidiary early in April. RMI.NET initiated the financing as part of its move into the "Y Generation" demographic group that is aggregated at the tribeside.com Web portal.

Pete Kirsch, PLATFORMIX president, said the company to the unique technical capability of its popular college-aged tribeside.com Web site and expanded it to meet significant business needs.

"We are now solidly in the B2B market as an ASP +, and we're rolling the business out to start with as a B2A, business to associations," Kirsch said. "By partnering with associations, we provide the PLATFORMIX desktop to the association itself and offer the value of the PLATFORMIX services from the association to its members so everyone benefits."

PLATFORMIX was founded in 1999 as enginenumber9.com and is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. The company is a vertical market ASP that develops private label desktops for businesses, associations, organizations and its own wholly owned Web entities.

PLATFORMIX partnered with Cyrus InterSoft, Inc. in March for its Speiros technology to launch its youthful portal tribeside.com. Cyrus InterSoft's flagship software helps PLATFORMIX create, deploy and customer Web desktops compatible with nearly any legacy system.