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Start-up Wrapzap Unveils New Internet Service

ASP start-up Wrapzap this week unveiled its Internet service that would allow users to easily create and deploy interactive Web and e-mail applications.

< Wrapzap users can create a standard Web interface using their HTML editor and tools of choice, as Wrapzap works with any HTML tool.

Then Wrapzap finds the form and analyzes it, generates the required application code for the form, builds a customized database for the application, hosts and integrates the application and database and notifies the user that the process is complete. According to Wrapzap, this all happens in less than four seconds.

"We have the capability of co-branding the Wrapzap service under a customer's label," said Mara. "And we have been getting calls from other ASPs regarding this. Seems there are other vertical ASPs interested in reselling Wrapzap services."

By co-branding the Wrapzap service, partners can offer their customers a more complete solution to Web site creation and hosting and at the same time, create a new revenue stream.

The target client for Wrapzap is Web site designers and owners.

"We anticipate seeing a broad usage of Wrapzap as it is a horizontal solution that addresses the problem of interactivity ," Mara said.

According to Mara, every single Web site is a prospect for Wrapzap. "We believe that interactivity is the key to tomorrow's Web sites," he said. "There is no easier or less expensive way to accomplish interactivity than from using the Wrapzap service. We are very serious about this goal."

Mara told ASP-News that the company wants to see the majority of Web sites using Wrapzap to power their application within 18 to 24 months. "I can't think of an online site that wouldn't be a candidate for Wrapzap," he said.

Currently the Wrapzap service is being offered in a preview mode at no charge. "After we have analyzes usage patterns and tweaked work flow based upon production usage, we will move to a multi-tiered pricing model," Mara explained. "Once I feel comfortable that site users don't need to read any documentation to use the site, we will go off preview mode."

Once the preview mode expires, pricing options will start at $9.95 per month in single form. This includes scripting generation, data base set-up and ongoing hosting expense.