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VCampus Uses Summer Recess to Ready for Fall Term

E-Learning application service provider VCampus Corp. today debuted its Course Delivery Engine 2000 education online initiative.

As a part of its expansion of education services, VCampus deepened its relationship with Exodus Communications, Inc. to upgrade its delivery system to handle up to one million courses each month.

VCampus also redesigned its courseware engine to create consistent navigation throughout its learning programs. Additionally, instructors will be able to customize the look and feel of the course content they create. The upgrades will be tested over the summer in preparation for increased demand for its services in the third quarter.

Nat Kannan, VCampus chairman and chief executive officer, said the hosting upgrade and interface re-design further differentiate its Web-based learning services from the crowd.

"We believe that this is what truly sets VCampus apart from its competitors," Kannan said. "None of our competitors have the experience or the ability to deliver this number of courses."

Kannan added that VCampus recently forged a partnership with US West in anticipation of its seasonal growth needs.

"We plan to complete all updates, including installations at U S West , before August," Kannan said. "Our team is working double time to finish this before the fall peak demand."

According to IDC research, the ASP model has made its way into the learning industry, and the learning industry will never be the same.

Cushing Anderson, IDC Learning Services program manager, said that the ASP model threatens to disrupt existing ways of doing business for all types of learning vendors.

"Many learning vendors don't recognize the depth of the ASPs' impact on their industry segments," Anderson said. "Nearly all vendors will need to participate in some form of ASP solution to maintain a presence in the industry."

With a multibillion-dollar market on the horizon, leading learning vendors, whether they specialize in delivery, content, or services, are scrambling to develop ASP market-entry strategies.

Anderson said the ASP model necessitates numerous vendors, partnerships, and alliances to put all the pieces together.

"The ASP model is about forming relationships between companies to form whole-product solutions," Anderson said. "The success of the ASP model in the learning industry will come from partnership networks that are built to include learning delivery vendors, content vendors, and learning service providers."

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, VCampus develops, manages and hosts turnkey, Web-based learning environments for corporations, academic institutions and government agencies though its ASP delivery model. The firm is well positioned to reap a lion's share of the e-learning market segment.

In addition to training and education, the VCampus platform can also be used to deliver customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and product-related strategic business plans.

VCampus distributes a courseware library of more than 1,100 web-based courses. The firm delivered more than 750,000 courses to over 250,000 students of the end of March 2000.