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Eltrax Unveils Application Monitoring Service

Full-service application provider Eltrax Systems Inc. Thursday introduced a comprehensive application monitoring program designed to help companies manage Web-based services.

In addition to Web monitoring features, the service dubbed AppView OnLine, is designed to help small businesses keep track of back-office application functionality and database interoperability.

Denise Grey, Eltrax ASP business unit president and chief marketing officer, said AppView OnLine is a significant addition to its suite of Web-based ASP solutions and support services.

"We believe that we are a unique provider in the ASP space due to the depth and breadth of our complementary business consulting, integration and management services," Grey said. "AppView OnLine is just the latest addition to an already robust suite of products that enables us to be a unique full service provider for high growth enterprises."

The new application service provides proactive fault monitoring, performance monitoring and on-line reporting that is designed to optimize the overall operations of a company's application support infrastructure.

Initially, the program supports a variety of Web site technologies and applications, including Microsoft Corp. information, transaction, proxy, and structured query language servers. AppView Online can also review Oracle Corp. database applications and Citrix System Inc. WinFrame performance.

Eltrax's Grey said the program provides a flexible end-to-end management system for a customer's total applications environment

"Whether the applications are customer owned or delivered through our ASP services, this flexibility helps us build on our full service value proposition and is a clear differentiator for us in the marketplace," Grey said.

AppView OnLine allows a company's IT staff to focus on strategic business goals and IT initiatives with less time spent troubleshooting application problems. It is a cost-effective means to minimize backoffice upgrades and downtime.

The program features non-stop fault monitoring, problem tracking and resolution coordination with third party vendors, and access to Eltrax's in-house network operations enter and help desk support.