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Managemark Intros Expense Management System for Small Businesses

B2B workforce management apps provider Managemark, Inc. today introduced a low cost expense management system for small businesses.

Quicken ExpensAble Business Edition, priced at $99.95 includes five licenses for Quicken ExpensAble, and a free, 6-month subscription for five users to ExpensAble.com, Managemark's Internet-based enterprise expense management solution.

Managemark, Inc. (previously know as On the Go Software), realizes that while expense reports for small businesses are normally a paper form, the importance of saving time and money will always prevail.

"Our small business users tell us that keeping track of expenses for billing, taxes or simply managing overall expense levels is key to their ability to grow and remain profitable," Ken Grunzweig, chief executive officer, said. "But what concerns small business owners most is the need to have powerful expense management tools that would allow them to compete with their largest competitors, with an emphatic requirement for simplicity of design at an affordable price." Quicken ExpensAble Business Edition combines the stand-alone expense report generation power of Quicken ExpensAble with the expense management power of ExpensAble.com in a 5-user package.

While the ExpensAble.com subscription is entirely optional, the higher-level management features, such as automated routing, built-in travel and entertainment policies and reporting features are not required to use Quicken ExpensAble Business Edition.

According to the company, its goal is to answer customer requests by providing a scalable solution that a small business can grow into as their expense management needs increase.

The Business Edition is available through Intuit. Managemark's link-up with Intuit will help the company in its attempt to reach out with a volume market package.

Managemark also recently debuted its Partner Program (see related ASP-News story, Managemark Launches B2B Partner Program,May 10th, 2000).