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Midwest Services Providers Unite

Take an application service provider and mix it with Internet connectivity, add a few voice services and the result is Netisun, an amalgamation of three Indianapolis-based tech firms.

The new company, formed from bits and pieces, is capable of providing a unique service bundle of outsourced services.

David Clark, Netisun president and chief executive, said the combination of companies makes it a one-stop powerhouse for information services.

"By providing voice, data, software, web hosting, backup and storage and about 20 other products from one service we are literally a single-source information technology services," Clark said.

Netisun is the sum total of Clarity Inc., an Internet service provider, application service provider e-Nova LLC, and Xila Communications, a voice service company.

John Cauffman, Netisun chairman, said the firm would set its sights on providing bundled services to the small, to medium-sized business market.

"Businesses can go to a single source to choose from a menu of services that includes telecommunications, Internet access, Web hosting, application hosting and customer software," Cauffman said.

Clark said Netisun should be considered a FSP, or full service provider that is undaunted by the crowded and competitive small business service segment.

"Our research shows that businesses under 500 employees need a provider that can offer connectivity hosting, local and long distance phone service, data and voice communications, software applications and full service, but don't have the time or the budget to maintain a fully staffed IT department," Clark said. "We become the virtual IT department for a company."

Carrie Bellock, Netisun vice president of marketing, said there a many ISPs in the marketplace, but connectivity isn't enough anymore.

"We offer the understanding and the technology to make life easier for businesses," Bellock said. "Most small businesses can't keep up with the technological advances made at Internet-speed."

With a national market comprised of more than 8 million small, to medium-sized businesses, Netisun could provide a ray of sunshine to small businesses seeking to outsource their IT functions.

Because Netisun operates its connection lines and co-location centers in Indianapolis and Chicago it can provide nearly instant response to business demands. Bellock said Netisun could get a Web site live eight hours after the site was designed, much speedier than the normal process that takes two to three weeks to get set on the Net.

Netisun has plans to expand its connectivity concept to 50 U.S. cities, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands by the end of this year. The company has annualized revenues of $4 million, so Netisun's aggressive expansion plan is going to require a mass infusion of capital investment.

Netisun services are up and running through its central Indiana facilities although its corporate Web identity has yet to be established with expansive content.

Part of Netisun's strategy is to offer a data and voice business platform to major office buildings. The firm already has six Indianapolis buildings under contract to provide multiple tenants with high-speed data transmission, voice, local and long distance telephone service, software and consultation services.