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ASPs Compare Body Parts

eTrue, whose biometric authentication service is outsourced over the internet, announced Tuesday (Oct 17) at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo that it has partnered with fingerprint authentication technology provider Veridicom Inc. The relationship establishes Veridicom as eTrue's Preferred Partner for the fingerprint authentication component of eTrue's ASP service.

eTrue uses its own TrueFace technology for the face-recognition part of the ASP service. The partnership also involves a joint sales agreement in which Veridicom and eTrue will each market the others' solutions to key accounts.

"Our joint vision of providing an authentication infrastructure for e-business fits very well with our silicon-based fingerprint technology and eTrue's Internet biometric service," said Michael D'Amour, Veridicom president and CEO.

"Together, we will make passwords a thing of the past for secure corporate and government transactions," eTrue president and CEO David Teitelman said.

The eTrue business-to-business ASP service identifies authorized computer or network users through the power and ease of face and/or finger verification. By using multiple biometrics and exception handling, eTrue provides 100-percent user authentication. The service is easily installed, with no capital outlay needed, allowing customers to be operational in days. Reliability and data security are assured with encrypted transactions and secure, redundant servers maintained by eTrue and its hosting partners.

Veridicom's fingerprint technology enables trusted e-business transactions across networks, intranets and the Internet. The company's silicon fingerprint sensor and peripherals, advanced recognition algorithms, and authentication software enable users to conduct business online without fraud or fear. Veridicom's fingerprint sensors are being included in laptops, keyboards and mobile phones to provide secure authenticated access to authorized users.