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South African Security Provider Taps McAfee's Services

South Africa's largest security provider, Dynamic Recovery Services (DRS) Monday authored an agreement to have McAfee Software for help with its customers.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based McAfee, a division of Network Associates says it will offer its ASaP's Web-based gateway and desktop managed anti-virus services to DRS customers as part of the deal.

The Web-based services protect a customer's network and provide automatic protection against the latest virus threats, including Code Red and Code Blue Worms as well as the Nimda virus.

"Many of our customers do not have the internal resources required to protect against virus threats," says DRS sales director Robert Brown. "The McAfee ASaP services allow us to offer comprehensive protection that enables our customers to focus on growing their business rather than whether or not the latest virus will shut down their networks."

This is the second overseas deal this month for McAfee. Scandinavian technology company Eterra signed a similar deal last week.

McAfee's services include VirusScreen ASaP and VirusScan AsaP, which protect organizations at all points where a virus may enter a customer's network.

Both Web-based programs coordinate updated data from McAfee AVERT (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team).