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Sun Enhances Clustering Tech For mySAP

Reestablishing their longstanding relationship, Palo Alto, Calif.-based networking giant Sun Microsystems Tuesday says it is optimizing its Sun Cluster 3.0 software for mySAP.com e-business applications.

The latest agreement means SunPlex clustering environment will offer extra support for users of SAP solutions through the new Sun Cluster 3.0 7/01 HA (High Availability) Agent for SAP products.

Sun says the deal means it will continue to support and complement mySAP.com e-Business solutions including mySAP Supply Chain Management, mySAP Customer Relationship Management, mySAP Product

For example, if a node within the cluster goes down, others automatically take over the workload, reducing downtime.

"We've designed Sun Cluster 3.0's HA Agent for SAP solutions to maximize the strengths of the Solaris OE to offer continuous uptime, provide centralized management, and to enhance scalability that will keep key services available as a company grows," says Sun global SAP alliance director Christoph Reisbeck. "Customers will also benefit from easier, more centralized management and the confidence of knowing that their critical applications are powered by Sun."

Sun and mySAP's parent company SAP have had many strategic partnerships including a recent joint sales, marketing and business development deal that paired Sun and SAPMarkets on a UNIX MarketSet solution.

Sun says the cluster software is available and the update is free for existing Sun Cluster 3.0 software customers. For new customers, prices start at $1,000 per server with support ranging from the entry-level Netra t1 server to the new Sun Fire 3800-6800 UltraSPARC III servers to the Sun Fire 15K server.