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Campaigning For Web Services

In an effort to address the demand for education and information on Web services, technology business advisory firm Delphi Group is unleashing an aggressive campaign for developing market awareness of what it says is already next year's hottest topic.

"Web services is at an inflection point," says Nathaniel Palmer, Delphi Group Chief Analyst.

The firm has completed an extensive survey of several hundred current users and evaluators of Web services, as well as an in-depth analysis of leading technology providers.

The survey includes a detailed examination of early adopters and specific use cases and its results have led to the development of a new framework for understanding and evaluating Web services as an opportunity, including the development of a definitive model for measuring Return On Investment (ROI).

The results will be released through the marketing campaign, which includes a market research report, an executive case study forum focused on the converging issues of Web services and Business Process Management (BPM), and several White Papers.

The first White Paper, 'The Changing Role of Business Process Management in Today's Economy' is the first of a two-part series addressing the convergence of Web services and BPM and presents ideas and concepts surrounding process-based organizations, Business Operating Systems, and Business Service Providers within the context of Web services and BPM.

Part II will examine the leading solutions in the Web services industry and organizations deploying them. Delphi says the reports provide a detailed illustration of the competitive landscape for Web services and BPM. Part I of the White Paper is now available and Part II, will be release later in November.

Delphi has also released a review of key trends in the adoption of Web services BPM and their effect on business strategy in its newest version of Insight Research.

This research focuses on the opportunities and challenges that early adopters have faced when deploying Web services and the future plans of organizations that are either formulating strategies or evaluating this set of related technologies.

The report chronicles experiences, expectations, and plans for BPM in companies of all sizes and a wide variety of industries

Lastly, Delphi will be hosting its first case study forum to focus on the business benefits of Web services and BPM. The event, which is part of the Group's Business Process Management Summit (BPM 2001), will take place in San Diego, Calif. in December, and is designed for both IT and business executives to learn about building the business case for Web services and BPM.