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Corio Gets New Digs

Corio , an enterprise ASP, today announced the addition of a new facility in Phoenix. The goal of the new location is to enhance Corio's disaster recovery capabilities and provides customers increased reliability.

Corio recently completed the migration of its network operations center — which it refers to as its Application Management Center (AMC) — to the new Phoenix facility. The Phoenix AMC is the primary command center where Corio monitors its customers' applications.

To provide full redundancy, Corio says it operates an alternative-site AMC located at its San Carlos, Calif. headquarters. The dual-AMC model is designed to provide Corio's customers with enhanced back-up and recovery capabilities in the event of a disaster.

"Corio's decision to open our new facilities has been a strategic move on two fronts," said George Kadifa, the company's chairman and CEO, in a company-released statement. "Most importantly, we have enhanced our ASP model by offering customers the increased reliability of dual AMCs. Further, we have been able to continue our focus on path to profitability by leveraging the economic advantages of the region."

In addition to the AMC, Corio say it has staffed additional operations personnel in the new facilities. Corio says customers will continue to receive seamless support for their day-to-day support needs through their primary contacts.

Corio is listed as a Top 20 ASP by ASPnews.

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