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Ellison's Enterprise Thin Clients to Include IM

Instant messaging and other PC-like services are coming to one flavor of thin-client computing, thanks to a deal between Larry Ellison-backed The New Internet Computer Co. and Droplet Inc. (Droplets), an Internet software platform concern.

Specifically, the two will team to jointly develop and market packaged thin-client products to application-service providers (ASPs) and Fortune 500 companies as a low-cost alternative to traditional PC desktops. At first, the two companies will market existing Droplets-based solutions for enterprise e-mail, chat and instant messaging bundled with the New Internet Computer.

Future plans call for both companies to pursue opportunities to port existing enterprise client-server applications to the NIC/Droplets platform, as an alternative to what they call "high bandwidth, low usability Web applications."

Droplets has developed a way to deploy Internet applications with a "highly interactive" user interface, while maintaining all application code on the server. Droplets also said its Droplets UI Server delivers "dramatic performance and cost savings versus comparable HTML-based applications."

The consumer version of New Internet Co.'s NIC Internet appliance starts at $199 and offers plug-and-play e-mail and Internet access.

Bob Woods is the managing editor of InstantMessagingPlanet.com.