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Oracle Boosts Integration With New Tools For SMBs

In a move to help its small to mid-sized business customers, software giant Oracle Corp. , today announced new tools for integration with its Oracle Small Business Suite, powered by NetLedger.

The new development tools, already being used by NetLedger partners include smbXML, an eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based integration technology, designed for the seamless exchange of business information with the Oracle Small Business Suite. And the firm is also unveiling new capabilities for Single Sign-on technology, Server-to-Server Integration and a Web Store Developer Kit (WSDK).

Oracle argues that in using integrated applications, small businesses can save time and money through avoiding manually integrating separate islands of information. The smbXML, it says, can be used to link complementary applications together, which can streamline customers' business processes a centralized Oracle database.

In addition, Oracle says its Single Sign-on technology can be used for managing the authentication of users moving between Web-based applications while Server-to-Server Integration allows data exchange between these applications.

The WSDK, it says can incorporate the Oracle Small Business Suite into a business' own Web store to allow integrated e-commerce and accounting functionality.

"Our service is unique because all of the components of the Oracle Small Business Suite work together seamlessly in one application, minimizing inefficient re-entry of data, and providing owners with a complete view of their business," says Evan Goldberg, president and CEO of NetLedger.

"We can now extend this unprecedented level of integration to third-party applications to further enhance the efficiencies that automation can bring to small and medium-sized businesses," he explains.

New NetLedger partners using the integration technologies to increase the value of their applications include:

  • Infopia, the developer of online application Marketplace Manager, use for simplifying the selling process for goods on multiple online auctions and marketplaces. The firm recently used server-to-server smbXML to integrate its service with the Oracle Small Business Suite, so users of its Web store can make available all of their items available on online marketplaces through Infopia's tools.

  • NetPOS.com, a developer of Point-of-Sale technology, will use Developer Program components to integrate their POS solution with the Small Business Suite, allowing inventory and transaction information to be transmitted between NetPOS and the Oracle Small Business Suite. NetPOS.com is focusing on restaurants and specialty retailers.

  • Ciraden, an ASP for the dental practice market, is leveraging smbXML to provide an integrated service for managing a dental practice through combining its own application's dental practice management features with the business management capabilities of the Oracle Small Business Suite.

  • Lexys Technology Inc., a provider of retail applications, will integrate their Point-of-Sale application, Lexys Enterprise Sale, with the Oracle Small Business Suite using Single Sign-on technology. The firm will also use server-to-server smbXML to create a seamless solution for retailers to manage their businesses.

  • Mercantec, an e-commerce solutions provider for small business, will use the smbXML format for integrating store activities into the Oracle Small Business Suite. With the front-end store integrated into the back-end accounting and processing system, Mercantec says it will provide online retailers with one complete e-commerce solution.