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Borland Hosts Collaboration

Borland Software Corp. said it is enabling software development across the firewall through its new Borland TeamSource Development Services Platform (DSP).

TeamSource DSP speeds application development, Borland said, by bridging teams distributed across function, locations and companies. Initial services include secure source code management and integrated business messaging for use by distributed teams of all sizes.

Among the new features that can be developed is a "Collab Service," which the company said provides a structured, secure and persistent environment for distributed teams to collaborate in real-time. With TeamSource Collab Service, communications are archived and logged, which allows users to audit and search for data. Borland said the Collab Service "evolves instant messaging into business messaging" through the incorporation of real-time electronic messaging into the collaborative development process.

TeamSource DSP leverages the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), emerging Web Services standards and secure HTTP to provide its hosted development product. For access to services, customers can use the applications provided by TeamSource DSP as well as plug-ins to work with popular development environments.

Borland's TeamSource DSP is available as a hosted or self-hosted collaborative development environment. By selecting the hosted version of TeamSource DSP, hosted in state-of-the-art Internet data centers, development teams can be fully operational in hours and freed from the upfront costs, administrative management, and infrastructure expenses associated with in-house infrastructures. For larger organizations that choose to operate their own development infrastructure, a self-hosting version is also available.

For a limited time, Borland said it will offer the TeamSource DSP "Starter Pack," including a three month subscription for up to 20 users and training at a 40 percent discount off of the regular subscription price.

Bob Woods is the managing editor of InstantMessagingPlanet.com.