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Webvisions Deploys nSTOR Storage Technology

Webvisions, a Singapore-based hosting provider in Asia, today announced that it will deploy storage technology from nSTOR to offer network-based, remotely accessible Network Attached Storage (NAS) and managed Storage Area Networks (SAN) services to customers together with its on-demand storage and data recovery solutions programmes siteStore and siteBackup.

As part of Webvisions' Professional Managed Services suite, siteStore and siteBackup are designed to address the need for outsourced storage, backup and recovery services.

Webvisions cites figures from Forrester Research that predict companies will increase their average online storage capacities by a factor of 10 over the next five years and estimate that storage will grow from 5 percent of current information systems budgets to 17 percent in 2003.

"With substantial client growth in the last year alone, Webvisions has been presented with new challenges in providing high-speed, scalable, outsourced storage offerings," says Webvisions CEO Roger Lim.

The firm says that the move will enable it to offer complex failover services for both distributed and centralized data operations through using the two solutions to couple nSTOR's data storage technology with Webvisions' high-bandwidth Internet Data Center (IDC) connectivity.

SiteStore and siteBackup also offer automated data backup and file archiving storage alternatives, and Webvisions explains the services will include full and incremental scheduled backups and customizable backup policies with off-site or tape media storage options.

"With the nSTOR's SAN-ready storage solutions, the complex logistics of managing and administrating separate server farms are minimized, allowing providers to manage their storage portfolio with optimized performance," says Keith Wan, CEO of Avant Networks, the regional distributor for nSTOR.

"nSTOR's capability for real-time, local and remote monitoring of all storage devices will allow Webvisions to deliver storage solutions for today's e-business and enterprise computing environments."

Lim says: "NStor's multi- platform, remotely accessible SAN and NAS capabilities have enhanced our ability to deliver storage solutions with greater efficiency and flexibility. In doing so, we will empower our customers' business continuity strategies by giving them the tools they need to reduce costs and increase the availability and performance of their e-business applications."

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in India and Malaysia, Webvisions hosts over 13,000 international businesses and provides a range of dedicated web hosting services including e-commerce, server co-location, application and database hosting.