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IDT to Build With RealNetworks

Telecommunications company IDT Tuesday teamed with RealNetworks to build the first distributed multi-tier Internet broadcast architecture.

IDT, through the installation of RealSystem G2 broadcast hubs, will assist in the multimedia delivery to IDT's Web users via RealNetworks' Real Broadcast Network (RBN). IDT customers using RBN will be routed to broadcast hubs throughout IDT's points of presence (POPs) to deliver enhanced visual and audio.

"We are happy to be working together with Real Networks to ensure that our customers have clear and reliable access to the Internet broadcast programming of their choice now and in the future," said Michael Fischberger, senior vice president of IDT's domestic telecom and Internet services.

"This is the first of many new initiatives that we have taken to reinvigorate our newly independent Internet division."

"This agreement supports RBN's multi-tier approach for improving the Internet multimedia experience for consumers and broadening the Internet broadcast capabilities for content providers," said Ian Freed, general manager of Real's RBN efforts.

On Monday RealNetworks announced projects to expand distribution of its multi-tier broadcast service with backbone providers Sprint, AT&T, GTE, and Teleglobe; broadband company Enron Communications; and ISPs Concentric Network, EarthLink, IDT, MindSpring, SNET Internet, and Verio.

RealNetworks released an update of RealPlayer G2 in March which incorporates AOL's Instant Messenger service and adds new features for broadband users.