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Net Set-Top Boxes Now For Sale in Sweden

Telecom supplier Doro AB, in cooperation with ISP Telia Internet, Monday introduced a set-top box for Net surfing through a TV set.

The market for set-top boxes in Sweden has been practically nonexistant thus far, but there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. Doro is a well-known supplier of phones and message systems with a network of dealers reaching the consumer market, and their presence might spur the market into activity.

Doro is launching TV-Surfer with Telia, the government owned telco and ISP. The TV-Surfer, a complete computer that supports Java, is to be used for updates from the Internet and is supplied with a printer output. It also supports HTML 3.1, frames, bookmarks and SSL for secure transfer.

The TV-Surfer has a complete support for up to five e-mail accounts. Doro hopes that this solution builds a new platform for the consumer market.

Security options using SSL were explored in cooperation with Nordbanken for e-commerce through their Internet bank. The TV-Surfer also has a Swedish program for digital signatures and support for smart cards, which will be important for future trade opportunities. The program was developed by Svenska iD2 Technologies.

Telia is simultaneously building a new portal for TV-Surfer users.

"We belief that our solution, with cooperation with Telia and Nordbanken, gives us access to their network of customers. It's about building more value for customers," said Andreas Fagerstrom at Doro.

"This Internet-TV launch is proof that the market of Internet is growing and gets more mainstream. For Telia, which has more than 450,000 Net customers, this project is very exiting for development of the market," said Thomas Rebermark of Telia Internet. This is the first aggressive approach for launching the technique of Internet set-top boxes in Sweden.

Doro AB's The annual sales in 1998 was 240 million kronor (approximately US$30 million).