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Domain Holders Report System Problems

Technical problems with Network Solutions' systems kept some domain name holders from making modifications over the weekend.

According to published reports, some domains started disappearing over the weekend, although NSI still hasn't determined how many domain holders were affected.

Some customers said none of the contact listings appear for some domains, although an NSI spokesman insists no information was actually lost.

The database contains a variety of information, such as technical, administrative and billing contacts. Domain holders are prompted for their "handles," which is based on billing information, when they seek to make changes to their domains.

Users expressed frustration over Network Solutions' response that the contact information would reappear in the near future.

Network Solutions blamed the problems on the Internet's rapid growth.

"You're dealing with an industry that is essentially the fastest-growing segment of the Internet," Network Solutions spokesman Brian O'Shaughnessy said. "More people are getting on the Net and they have to go through Network Solutions."