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Expansion of the Israeli Internet Exchange

The Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX), which connects Israeli ISPs and forms as the central backbone of the Israeli Internet, was last week connected via an ATM connection to the ATM backbone of Bezek, the Israeli communications company.

This connection is intended to put an end to the long-time problem of many Israeli users: slow service. For many months there have been complaints from customers of various Internet providers regarding the slow communications rate of Israeli sites stored on servers of other providers.

This slowness is caused by the narrow connection lines of all Israeli providers, which creates the absurd situation that Israeli surfers can view American sites, stored on servers across the ocean, faster than Israeli sites stored near their homes.

Israel Internet providers are no longer limited to Bezek's present 2 mbps or a shared frame-relay connection to expand its exchange and provide subscribers with more rapid communications. Providers can now get a connection from Bezek, with a bandwidth of 25 mbps (up to 155 mbps in the future).

"The expansion of the connection makes for a huge leap in the Israeli Internet and will improve the quality of life for surfers," said Doron Shikmoni of the Israeli Internet Society, the organization that established and now maintains the IIX exchange.

The first provider to be connected to the ATM exchange will be Internet Zahav, one of the two largest ISPs in Israel, with a connection of 10 mbps.

"Expansion of the connection improves the speed and quality on the Israeli Internet for Internet Zahav's surfing customers. In addition, expansion of the line enables customers of other companies to surf many sites stored on Internet Zahav's servers more quickly," said Ofer Amsalam, vice president of operations for Internet Zahav. When additional providers will expand their connection to IIX, most Israeli Internet users will enjoy faster communications to local sites.