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Matsui, Dell Japan Market Internet Stock Trading PC

Hoping to lure prospective online investors who are novice PC users, Matsui Securities has teamed up with Dell Computer Japan to offer personal computers especially customized for use with the brokerage's Internet stock-trading service.

Under the deal, Tokyo-based Matsui Securities is recommending Dell computers to prospective users of its online Netstock service.

For its part, Dell Japan on April 22 released desktop and laptop models of a personal computer, known as the NetstockPC, designed for novice PC users seeking a simple solution to getting started in online investing.

The Dell NetstockPC comes with pre-installed Internet connectivity software and customized applications for opening and using a Matsui Securities' Netstock online trading account.

The partners also offering a NetstockDirect service that includes everything from setup of the user's Internet access, e-mail, and Netstock accounts and in-home PC installation by Dell service personnel to lessons on basic operation of a personal computer and a demonstration of how to use the Netstock Web site.

"The result," said Matsui Securities, "is that in addition to starting normal computer usage, even individual investors who have never used a personal computer can quickly and easily access [the Internet] and begin online stock trading through our Netstock service."

NetstockPC purchasers with problems or questions can call a 24-hour, "no holiday" telephone technical support line. Dell is offering this support service to Netstock users free for an indefinite period.

Matsui Securities launched its Netstock Internet brokerage service in May 1998.

The number of Netstock online trading accounts had grown to more than 3,600 at the end of March, with monthly transactions amounting to some 10 billion yen (US$83 million).

To attract more individual investors to Netstock, Matsui Securities plans to significantly cut its Internet transaction fees when stock commission regulations are fully liberalized by the Japanese government in October.

The brokerage expects the low cost, convenience, and real-time capability of Internet-based dealing to fuel an explosive growth in online stock trading by individual investors, similar to the trading boom seen in the US in recent years.

"Through this tie-up, both Matsui Securities and Dell Computer will benefit from the growing interest among individual investors in the allure and benefits of Internet stock trading," said Matsui Securities. "It will also help to spur the shift to greater Internet-based business dealings."

Release of the Dell NetstockPC marks the first time that a Japanese brokerage and computer manufacturer have worked together directly to market a PC designed for online trading.

The NetstockPC can be purchased online through the Dell Japan Web site or from the manufacturer's telephone order center.