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 Keynote Systems (KEYN) to acquire Velogic


   *  Amount:         $50 million


   *  Terms:            850,000 shares + cash


   *  Premium:        n/a


   *  Industry:        Performance Software


   *  Scorecard:      B


    NEW YORK, May 10--Keynote Systems , which provides Internet performance and consulting services to companies, said it signed a deal to acquire closely held Velogic for about $50 million. Keynote said it will pay 850,000 shares of its stock plus additional cash and stock if certain performance goals are met for Velogic, which offers software to measure the capacity of Web sites. Keynote did not provide details on the performance goals.



 Multex.com (MLTX) acquires BuzzCompany.com


   *  Amount:         Undisclosed