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 eBay (EBAY) to acquire Half.com


   *  Amount:         $350 million


   *  Terms:            5 million shares

   *  Premium:        n/a


   *  Industry:        E-tailers


   *  Scorecard:      A


    SAN JOSE, June 13--eBay , the world's leading personal trading community, announced that it has agreed to acquire Half.com a fixed-price, person-to-person trading marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade used books, CDs, movies and video games that are at least half off the list price. The company was founded in July 1999 and launched its site in January 2000. eBay will pay for Half.com in stock, using a formula that is expected to work out to between 4.6 million and 5.5 million of its shares. Based on eBay's closing stock price Tuesday of $68 a share, the total value of the deal should be between $312 and $374 million.