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Backsliding, But Just A Bit

NOTE: Beginning today, StockTracker Daily will be replaced on Fridays by Internet StockTracker, a detailed report covering the previous week of activity for Internet stocks.

Internet StockTracker divides more than 350 publicly traded 'Net companies into 12 different sectors (with a 13th coming soon). Data includes average gains and losses for each Internet sector, as well as the performance of individual 'Net stocks over the past week, month and year to date.

Because of the lengthy download time required, we can't publish the full version of Internet StockTracker online. Instead, we will rotate sectors each week in groups of four or six. However, you can get the full Internet StockTracker delivered to you as a free weekly e-mail newsletter. Click here for more details.

For more information about the Internet sectors visit the Internet Stock List and select an internet.com index.

The raw numbers are as follows: 136 gainers, 230 losers, and 13 companies treading water. Those are the results of this week's Internet stock market activity. A disappointment after last week's double-digit run-up across all sectors, but not exactly a margin-call situation. And we all know by now what those are like. As expected, many of the top gainers from last week ended up losing ground this week because their advances were due more to shares bouncing off new lows than any renewed investor interest. That means a lot of momentum players looking for a quick score and then dumping shares back onto the market. Investors continue to cast a wary eye toward the Federal Reserve, waiting to see if another interest-rate hike is in the offing. Until we find out later this month, I expect the market to remain somewhat unsettled and directionless. If this were a poker game, I'd check.



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