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Internet Stocks Finding Equilibrium

For the second consecutive week, results are mixed for Internet stocks: Five sectors up, five down, and two treading water. Not exciting, but not scary, and perfectly reflective of the market's uncertain mood. Will interest rates go up again? Have the 'Net stocks found the bottom? Will next month's round of earnings reports show improved bottom lines and more profits? While I believe investors have calmed down considerably in the wake of the spring stocks meltdown, no one is making any huge bets yet. Volumes have been low, and there's a ton of money sitting on the sidelines, waiting for winners to emerge. One big trend to watch: Support for wireless players. Examples:

Infospace leads its sector this week. MedicaLogic tops all Internet stocks this week after announcing wireless plans. Wireless content provider i3 Mobile has the top-performing Internet stock of the past month. And wireless data products and services provider Aether Systems is the leading gainer among all Internet stocks for the year to date. I guess now is a good time to announce that we will be adding a Wireless Products/Services sector to Internet StockTracker beginning next week. The sector will feature some of the companies listed above, as well as some companies not yet in StockTracker.

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