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Digital Island Signs iXL As Beta Customer of Traceware

San Francisco-based Digital Island, a global application hosting and content distribution company, said that Internet services firm iXL Inc. will become a beta customer of its TraceWare geographic intelligence technology.

TraceWare gives multinational corporations the ability to determine the country of origin for transparently delivering localized content, Digital Island said.

iXL's TraceWare beta program will focus on the development of automated language translation and currency conversion for e-commerce. When a user logs on to a Web site, TraceWare detects the country of origin of the query, responding with a country code, which in turn automatically redirects the user to content that is in their native language and currency.

Thus an end user can automatically look at a catalog in their own language and conduct transactions with local currency, tax tables and other country-specific criteria.

"With TraceWare, Digital Island offers a full range of services to deliver the right content and the right transaction in the right language," said Tim Wilson, vice president of marketing at Digital Island. "TraceWare. . .can increase consumer participation in the fast-moving e-business marketplace."

The patent-pending TraceWare technology uses a unique algorithm to map IP addresses to an atlas of country-of-origin identification codes. When coupled with an application designed for real-time processing of that data, TraceWare's "geographic intelligence" allows the application to automatically localize content worldwide.