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Hacker Competition Setup For Asian Infosecurity Expo

Network hackers could win US$10,000 and S$10,000 if they successfully penetrate web servers setup for an international competition in conjunction with Infosecurity Asia '99, which will be held in Singapore on June 23-25.

Organizers of Infosecurity Asia, Reed Exhibition Companies Singapore and National Computer Systems, launched the competition today.

"We are pleased to have Conclave Integrated Internet Security, Voltaire Advanced Data Security and Infinitum join forces to make this competition possible," Jimmy Lau, president of Reed Exhibition Companies Singapore.

Hackers from around the world are eligible to participate in the Hackers Zone where they are required to penetrate three web servers made up of sponsors's products.

A web server with minimal protection has been assigned an IP address with a specific purpose of providing an education focus.

"At the Infosecurity Asia exhibition, we will be displaying a score card on the number of times the unprotected server was intruded," said Lau. "This will be used to illustrate why IT security should be taken seriously."

Protected web servers using Conclave's products have been assigned the following IP address: Voltaire's protected web server's IP address is

Depending on which server hackers penetrate, they are either required to change the web page or transfer a file.

The first successful hacker who comes forward to identify themselves and replays the hacking sequence for either of the protected servers will win a cash prize of US$10,000 for successfully infiltrating Voltaire's server or S$10,000 for Conclave's server.

Hackers need to e-mail hackerszone@yahoo.com to alert the sponsors but need not be physically present to collect the prize.

Lau said, "The sponsors and organizers respect their need to remain anonymous in this situation and we will not be revealing their identities to the public unless the hacker chooses to."

The organizers state that it is not their intention to train hackers but to illustrate the results of hacking.

George Kane, Regional Director of Conclave Integrated Internet Security said, "We consider hacking a criminal offense prosecutable in many countries and we do not condone such actions."